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Pin Mill - Pin Mill / PM-3(Pin Type Rotor)
  • Pin Mill - Pin Mill / PM-3(Pin Type Rotor)
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Pin Mill

Pin Mill is suitable to grind crystal and brittle materials. The output fineness can be changed by replacement of the filtering-screen and adjustment of the rotor speed. With a wild range of applications to a variety of products, and the features of optional grind disc replacement for proper materials. Especially, this machine is easy to clean (water rinse) and do maintenance.

PM Series

  • Processes a wide range of raw materials. Durable, low-waste design.
  • Easy to operate, saves time & power, highly efficient.
  • Durable components are easy to replace & clean.
  • Fineness: 40 ~ 100Mesh. (data is for reference only & may vary according to raw material)

Standard Type-Model:PM-3


Ideal for pulverizing any materials (except highly oily or sticky ones). Due to the variety and interchangeability of internal components, this equipment has wide production adaptability, ranging from granular material to super-fine particles. Turnkey system is designed to prevent contamination of materials, increase efficiency, lower manpower requirements and maintain material quality.


Raw material is fed into the grinding chamber from the feeding hopper.

The first grinding is a shearing force created by the cutting impact of the inner rotor and stator.

After filtrating, any remaining coarser powder will be ground in the third grinding until it passes through the screen mesh.

The finished product is discharged from the rotary valve.

►PM-1 Compact Milling System►PM-3-C For Cosmetics►PM-3 For Foodstuffs
Stud Type RotorStud Type StatorScreen RingApplication
Brittle materials: achieves exceptionally high
grinding fineness at low specific energy consumption.
Pin Type RotorPin Type StatorScreen RingApplication
Grains, Beans, Seasonings, etc.
(e.g. Rice, Green Beans, Sugar, Salt).
Knife Type RotorKnife Type LinersScreen RingApplication
High Fiber & Heat Sensitive Raw Materials.
(e.g. Chinese Herbs).
(L*W*H mm)
GMP(Standard)PM-3-A5~7 1/25000~7500100~2001000*600*1400100~250
GMP(Standard)PM-4-A7 1/2~104500~6500200~3001100*700*1500100~250
Foodstuff & Chemical GradePM-12350020~50500*560*130020~150
Foodstuff & Chemical GradePM-35~7 1/2350080~2501100*700*155020~150
Foodstuff & Chemical GradePM-47 1/2~103000100~3001200*800*175020~150
Foodstuff & Chemical GradePM-515~202900150~5001500*900*220020~150
Foodstuff & Chemical GradePM-630~402800300~9001700*1000*240020~150
Foodstuff & Chemical GradePM-750~602700500~20001900*1300*290020~150
Cosmetics GradePM-3-C7 1/23500200~3001000*860*1200100~200
Height from floor to outlet: 450 mm

According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.

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Tunkey System
  • Grinder
Material Properties
  • Non-Oily
  • 40mesh ~ 100mesh
  • 20kg ~ 2000kg/hr
Production Methods
  • Single Machine

Mill Powder Tech Pin Mill Service Introduction

Mill Powder Tech Solutions is Taiwan Pin Mill supplier and manufacturer with more than 70 years experence. Since 1940, in the Grinding Mill and Powder Blender Market, Mill Powder Tech has been offering our customers high quality Pin Mill production service. With both advanced technology and 70 years experience, Mill Powder Tech always make sure to meet each customer's demand.