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To maximize our customers productivity and profits by providing high quality, high performance machinery. To grow together with our global customers through sustained, long term relationships.

Service Process & Services

Mill Powder Tech Solution establish over 70 years, provide equipments across over several industries Food stuff, Spices, Medicine, Bio-Tech, Pharmaceutic, Chemical and Recycle.

New plant established in 2008, was approved by international certification of ISO 9001:2008, and Europe CE, with professional testing room, demonstrated room and particle analyzer, we can provide most dynamic technical service, this is also the powerful back up of our customize service.

Generally, we receive the inquiry from clients. We will collect more detailed information from clients for a comprehensive understanding and then come up with a best solution to reach the clients requirements. For example, when clients need a grinding machine, we will ask for information on the material, the required capacity, fineness, moisture/oil content and so on; then we will test the client's material to ensure the result exactly meets their needs. Afterwards, we will make the drawings according to the test result, the floor plans for confirmation, and then make a quote on the machines.

Not only does Mill Powder Tech provide consulting and solution before procurement, but we also provide professional technical support. For example:installation on client's site, operation / safety / maintenance training, troubleshooting and warranty etc...

To be a professional customizing supplier, we believe the above service and technical supports are essential. This is the reason we stand ahead of the industry for centuries in Asia.

【Our Services】

►Within 24 hours troubleshooting, 72 hours machinery-repairing in client's factory.
►Warranty can be extended according to client requirements.
►Assistance with equipment layout, technical consulting, troubleshooting and amendments to operation training to conform with the environmental safety regulation.

A proactive management of customer relationship:

A customer's worst nightmare is purchasing a machine with no services!

MPT takes care of its customers proactively and warms their hearts. Applying customer care is a must after a machine is sold for certain period of time; visiting clients for machine examination to fulfill its contracts has become a guideline which MPT observes.

In fact, that MPT is favored by many customers lies in its efficiency in helping customers to solve issues concerning machines and other problems, such as providing suggestions on turnkey projects and supplemental equipment, and so on.

Furthermore, if participating in overseas exhibitions, the company will invite its customers who have made purchases to review the latest models on display, enquire about their current usage of the machines they purchased, and solve any problems they may have at the earliest possible time. Such a proactive care has created an intimate customer relationship.

Regardless of geographical location, our instant handling policy has made us the most trusted partner our customers have.