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To maximize our customers productivity and profits by providing high quality, high performance machinery. To grow together with our global customers through sustained, long term relationships.

Business Ideas

Business Ideas

【Our Vision】

►To generate the highest value with outstanding quality and to progress with our respected customers.
►A world-renowned brand with sustainability.

【Our Promise】

►A Strong Focus on Product Research and Technological Innovation.
►The Delivery of Precision, Durable Products and Quality Service.
►Customized Design Capabilities, Total Solutions for Customers.
►Prompt Delivery Worldwide and Outstanding Customer Support.

A precise, concrete, and trustful delivery with high-end quality control:

Believe it or not! An antique MPT grinding machine is still used in production by its customer after nearly thirty years!

The reason that MPT machine is sturdy and durable can only be explained by its principle of complete quality control. Best quality is maintained from the stage of raw material storage, distribution, manufacturing, machine assembly, test running, quality control, delivery, to the final factory inspection.

Core components of the product are under strict control; every trivial detail must go through repeated checks, including raw material testing, OEM processing materials and parts testing, each construction stage, construction drawing accuracy, machine assembly and welding quality control, quality inspection of inter-departmental transfers, comprehensive interface check during assembly, and overall functional check after installation (on vibration value, rotational speed, balance, temperature, noise, output effect, etc.), ensuring that the machine is under best condition. Acceptance inspection can be conducted on-site at the factory or at a client's end for installation and production tests.

The business and quality control departments will visit the client's working environment in advance to facilitate future construction and installation of the machine.

【Our core value】

►Customers' safety and health are our primary concern.
►Responsibility and credibility.
►Customers' question is our question.
►Make all-out efforts to customers' needs.

A sturdy manufacturing philosophy behind the supply of quality grinding / mixing equipment:

The MPT corporate culture is based on a sense of positivity and sustaining innovation, which forms the core value that unites its employees to work hard together and transform their efforts into vigorous enterprise competitiveness.

MPT's core value is essentially a 'behavioral disposition', which is an act of giving, learning, as well as passing-down. It materializes in the perfect combination of senior technicians' refined skills and a new generation of technical personnel's pursuit of speed and efficiency, and reflects on their practical performance.

MPT adopts a 'more rewards, less penalties' incentive policy to encourage employees to dedicate themselves willingly; in fact, MPT is an industrial product manufacturer that has a relatively low employee turnover, with a collective consensus among its employees that insists on a 'responsible brand and vital quality'!