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Mixers / Blenders

Ribbon Mixer / RM-500
Ribbon Mixer / RM-500
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  • Ribbon Mixer
    Ribbon Mixer

    Ribbon Mixer is designed with Twin mixing Ribbon. During mixing, twin ribbon can mix powder in convective direction, inner and outer, up and down to even powder in short time. "Air leakproof device" is patent design to prevent powder pollution. According to particular powder, Heating system, Liquid Spraying system and High speed chopper can be installed in mixer to solve the special mixing requirement.

  • Rotary Cone Mixer
    Rotary Cone Mixer

    Outer barrel and inner arm run in different speed and reserve direction. High mixing speed, high uniformity and easy cleaning.

  • Double Cone Mixer
    Double Cone Mixer

    Outer mixing tank and interior mixing blade rotate with counter direction, high efficiency and homogeneity, easy to clean interior of mixing tank. Suitable for moderate or small volume production in Bio-tech, Pharmaceutical and food process industry, cost effective.

  • Double Shaft Mixer
    Double Shaft Mixer

    Double Shaft Mixer is based on 2 shafts rotating in reverse direction with pedals installed in designated line-up. By rotating in reverse direction and staggered pedal design, raw material is brought up to the weightless area between both mixing shafts. In this way, mixing swirl formed by bringing raw material up and down in floating condition leads to highly efficient and homogeneous mixing operation.

Result 1 - 4 of 4

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Mill Powder Tech Mixers / Blenders Service Introduction

Mill Powder Tech Solutions is Taiwan Mixers / Blenders supplier and manufacturer with more than 70 years experence. Since 1940, in the Grinding Mill and Powder Blender Market, Mill Powder Tech has been offering our customers high quality Mixers / Blenders production service. With both advanced technology and 70 years experience, Mill Powder Tech always make sure to meet each customer's demand.