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Bread crumbs Grinding System / To maximize our customers productivity and profits by providing high quality, high performance machinery. To grow together with our global customers through sustained, long term relationships.

Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs

Bread crumbs Grinding System

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Bread Crumb Grinder - Bread Crumb Grinder / BCG-1
Bread Crumb Grinder

Specialized in bread crumb grinding, using jagged design of cutter to bread, and then through different pore size of replaceable filter screen to get desired...

Vibro Separator & Vibro Filter - Vibro Separator & Filter / LK-1000(3S)
Vibro Separator & Vibro Filter

By shaking force to filter the request particle size, it can process the most 4 sizes of particle with 4 layers of screen. Quick replacement of the sieving...