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Company Profile

Profile of the Mill Powder Tech (MPT) corporate headquarters

Founded nearly three quarters of a century ago and across three generations, Mill Powder Tech Solutions (MPT) has gradually transformed itself from a Taiwan-based local company focusing on domestic needs to a globally-oriented international enterprise of international marketing.

After years of efforts, MPT has established consolidated footholds in Southeast Asian countries, extended its powder grinding and mixing technologies to the United States and European countries in recent years, and advanced successfully to well-known major producers in the Middle East to become one of their main suppliers.

In response to the annual growth in business performance and demands, MPT had engaged in the building plan of a new plant.
The new corporate headquarters was launched in 2008, bringing together its business operations center, financial auditing unit, domestic and overseas marketing departments, design and R&D department, and manufacturing department, with a test center for instant examination of grinding fineness and mixing uniformity of raw materials, an analytical center to analyze the distribution of powder particle size, and a display center for product exhibition. It ensures a real-time, comprehensive control of customer orders to deliver the highest quality services to fulfill customer requirements.

The second plant mainly deals with backend production and services, including post-assembly test run, product packaging for domestic and overseas sales, cargo shipping for machinery, and post-delivery services, each of which aims to ensure the delivery of best quality products to customers.
The smooth warehouse loading/unloading management prevents product defects caused by collisions and allows easy monitoring of all sides of the machines, eliminating work-safety incidents to other department staff due to machine loading and unloading and creating a good working environment in the workplace.

In order to achieve the all-round application of 'powder' technology, our company continues its development of powder mixing technologies, from single machine to system, and from transportation, screening, mixing, milling to packaging; their applications range from food additives, baking ingredients, spices (such as: multi-grain powder, three-in-one coffee powder), biotech pharmaceuticals, health food to industrial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides....almost all well-known major manufacturers at home and abroad use our equipment for raw material mixing.

MPT landmark events and its advancement in grinding/mixing technologies

'Kwang Li Cheng Co., Ltd.',the predecessor of MPT, provided professional forage grinding, creating business opportunities in agriculture and husbandry at the time.
Launched the country's first turbo mill, entering food industry and creating overseas markets in Southeast Asia.
Expanded in size and formally presented as Mill Powder Tech Solutions(MPT) to domestic customers. Grinding technology upgraded from single machine, system development to turnkey project.
Overall planning of international advancement.
After many years of success in Taiwan, we began preparations for expanding our business globally. The company is renamed Mill Powder Tech Solutions and a new logo representing our drive and determination is created.
Awarded the European Union CE certification and construction of corporate headquarters in Yongkang District of Tainan City, Taiwan began.
Corporate headquarters launched on May 1. MPT R&D center set up to promote development of powder technology, with IS0 9001-2008 certification awarded.
Adopted new strategy to promote MPT brand value, replacing product marketing with brand image, developing another 70 years with a new record.
MPT's spice grinding equipment successfully entered the Middle East markets.
MPT's second plant joined operations.
A global brand, Taiwan's finest "Mill Powder Tech" has exported machinery to more than 70 countries, with 12 agents and advanced to the biggest grinder brand in the Middle East. The company possesses capability for highly customized powder processing equipment, as well as focusing on research and technical innovation, sustainable management and growing steadily.

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