Powder Grinder

Powder Grinder

This special design of centrifugal grinding roller and groove will grind the raw material to appropriate fineness and then final powder will be discharged by airflow guiding.
Output fineness of product powder can be adjusted temperately, widely applicability even sticky or oily raw material are also available.

PG Series

  • Centrifugal type grinding wheel and tooth shaped knife grooves enhance grinding efficiency.

Auto feeding/discharge device saves labor and increases productivity.

The fineness of powder is adjustable.

This model is also suitable for viscidity and oily materials grinding.

Inside Chamber Grinding Wheels
►PG-10 ►PG-10-A(GMP)
Model Motor
(L*W*H mm)
Main Machine Material Storage Dust Collector Blower Exhaust Blower
PG-2 2 1~3 660*710*650 - - - -
PG-5 5~7 1/2 5~20 1300*620*1200 770*770*1500 - - -
PG-5-A 5~7 1/2 5~20 1300*620*1200 - 820*1750*2000 530*560*1030 -
PG-10 10~15 10~50 1070*1100*1320 770*770*1500 - - 720*720*1550
PG-10-A 10~15 10~50 1070*1100*1320 - 820*1750*2000 530*560*1030 -

According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.


Chinese herbs grinding system-Model:PG-10

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  • Grinder

Material Properties

  • Oily
  • Non-Oily


  • 100 ~ 150mesh


  • 1kg ~ 30kg

Production Methods

  • Single Machine

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