Peanut Milling Machine

Peanut Milling Machine

Peanut Milling Machine is suitable for bigger size nuts grinding, for example : Peanut. Grinding rollers with special design of furrow can primarily cut bigger nuts to smaller pellets and then secondarily roll/press the pellets to powder form. The output size can be fine-tuned via the interval regulation between rollers.

PMM Series

  • This model includes two types,standard and enlarged.
  • Peanut(Great quantity of capacity).

The producing quantity of the enlarged type is double compared with the standard.

The thick and thin powder can be adjusted of one time.

It also has the roller design as sesame mill does but the design of roller is different due to the level of oily content.

(L*W*H mm)
01. Grains, Beans, Foodstuff & Bakery Powder


  • Grinder

Material Properties

  • Oily


  • 20mesh ~ 30mesh


  • 250kg

Production Methods

  • Single Machine

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Mill Powder Tech Peanut Milling Machine Service Introduction

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