Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill use the cutting knife and the liner, material are crushed by the impact and cut force. If material size remains big, impact will exceed the centrifugal force, knives will recede(moving back and forth) to protect knife shaft and crushing efficiency remains the same.

HM Series

  • With extensive application.(Except oily, sticky and fiber materials)
  • Interior parts are multiple & replaceable.

With high speed rotation of knives,materials are crushed by the impact and cut force.If material size remains big,impact will exceed the centrifugal force,knives will recede(moving back and forth)to protect knife shaft and crushing efficiency remains the same.

Interior Blade Disc Hammer Disc
Cutting Knife Screen Net Flowchart
Model Motor
Rotation Speed
(L*W*H mm)
HM-1 2 3500 20~50 630*360*680
HM-3 5 3500 40~100 750*450*840
HM-5 7 1/2 3200 80~200 900*540*900
HM-7 1/2 10 3200 150~400 1000*660*1120
HM-10 15 3000 300~800 1250*700*1300
HM-20 20 3000 600~1500 1300*750*1400
HM-30 30~40 2800 1200~3000 1450*930*1690

According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.


Ginger flake sieving, transporting & grinding system-Model:HM-7 1/2 & HM-20

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  • Grinder

Material Properties

  • Oily
  • Non-Oily


  • 5mm ~ 20mesh


  • 50kg ~ 3000kg

Production Methods

  • Single Machine

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