Fi Asia Thailand (Fi Asia 2019)

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Fi Asia Thailand (Fi Asia 2019)

Welcome to visit Fi Asia Thailand (Fi Asia 2019)
Venue:Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
Booth No:H46

Exhibition Equipment:
1.Turbo Mill
2.Ribbon Mixer
3.Pin Mill

1.Turbo Mill-Foodstuff, Chemical, Recycling.
2.Ribbon Mixer-Bakery Powder, Frying Flour, Curry Powder, Spices, Seasonings, Grains, Grain
   Powder, Coffee Bean, 3 in 1 Coffee, Milk Powder, Juice Powder, Resin, Chemical, Additive
3.Pin Mill-Foodstuff, Biotech & Pharmaceutical, Spices, Chemical.

Display synopsis:
Fi Asia gathers leading domestic and international ingredient suppliers, distributors, and food and beverage manufacturers from across the ASEAN region and all over the world.
Fi Asia will return to Bangkok, Thailand in 2019, following the rotation to Jakarta, Indonesia in 2018.


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Mill Powder Tech Fi Asia Thailand (Fi Asia 2019) Introduction

Mill Powder Tech Solutions is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Grinding Mill and Powder Blender Market. Mill Powder Tech has been offering our customers high quality Grinding Mill, Ribbon Mixer, Pulverizer Mill, Powder Blender, Hammer Mill, Sugar Grinder, Powder Mixer since 1940. With both advanced technology and 70 years experience, Mill Powder Tech always make sure to meet each customer's demand.